Avoiding the DIY Trap

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It seams simple enough, add some images, text, a map for your business location, a contact form. The results look great and you’re happy.

Then the ads for competitors show up on your site. Next you notice that your search rankings fall, sometimes to the second or third page, and finally your business grows and suddenly you need custom features and added capability. A modest campaign costs $200-$300 a month. Suddenly your internet presence is costing almost $4000 a year. That’s when you realize your business is spending more than it would have cost to hire a professional designer from the start.

Designer Advantage

A large part of the build your own website market is built on a closed ecosystem. While these services offer an excellent product, businesses often get stuck paying fees for extra features, facing limited options as business expands, and difficulty transitioning to a new service when it’s finally time to move in a new direction.


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