We Are Edge Piece Media

Edge Piece Media was a dream that took a while to realize. Like most small businesses in the world, it took a number of successful failures, and a number of just plain fails to evolve into what it is today, and we are happy to admit it! ~ Ben Morson

Founded in 2006 as Pure Digital Space, we started doing websites and graphics for friends and family. Simple web apps and CGI scripts for wedding RSVP's and anniversaries, business cards for friends, the occasional party flyer. Digital art and coding was a hobby and a passion leftover from college, more than an organized business. We did occasional site gigs; an attorney in California, a disaster clean-up company in Alaska. As the referrals and word of mouth recommendations began to pile up, Edge Piece Media was born.

Our mission is simple; provide the "Edge Pieces" for your business; the things that make your business competitive, visible, and viable. We bring the border and your products and services fill in the middle.

We provide all the products and technology of the big design houses, without the big attitude, the sales staff, or the overhead. We build identities, brands and reputation. We focus on small business for many reasons, but mostly because we love the innovation, drive and aspiration of small business owners. Our reward starts with delivering incredible product and finishes with clients realizing the difference their investment made for their business.

What makes Edge Piece Media so different? We approach our business as your business, we're a part of your team. We don't box our product. We don't recycle design elements. Every client gets our full attention and more importantly, a connection with the design team. There is no account representative, no automated phone system, just a single point of contact - your designer.

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We would like to hear from you. If you have a project you want us to consider please let us know. If you have a question or comment, drop us a line and we'll get right back to you. If you prefer a more traditional approach, all of our contact details can be found below.

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